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Window Tinting by Huddersfield’s Finest Tinting Company

Another incredibly busy few weeks at go tints Huddersfield. Go tints have been busy adapting vehicles to customers specifications as well as tinting windows, adding graphics to a vehicles exterior for advertising purposes and wrapping cars to suit the individual needs of each customer. We have also received some excellent feedback from pleased customers. ‘MASSIVE THANKS TO Go Tints for doing all the work on the van ….The Dominator VERY professional I must say!! And will be definitely be going back ‘ Stacey Rodgers Some of the cars tinted this week include: An example of a recent car that was…


How Tinting can save on Home Energy Costs

Home window tinting reduces both glare and heat, reducing your energy costs. It doesn’t have to be a dark tint to do that – it can be clear – so you don’t even know it’s there. Applied to the insides of your windows, home window tinting can reduce heat gain by keeping the sun and its harmful rays from getting into your house. You’ll also have less fading on your drapes, furniture and carpet because those harmful UV rays are reduced. Certain types of window film can even help burglary-proof your home. These types are designed to make glass shatter-resistant…


Incredibly busy week!

Go-tints, Huddersfield based window tinting experts have had an incredibly busy week! They have carried out some of the finest customised work on some superb cars for the general public. The window tinting helps create comfort during warm weather conditions by rejecting some of the heat and also helps stop your car interior fading as well as protecting you from harmful UV rays. The privacy glass also provides anti-glare reduction by allowing a low percentage of light into your car. Car wrapping and adaptations have also been a popular request by customers this week. Car wrapping allows you to dress…

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