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Window Tinting Huddersfield – Protect Yourself, The Facts

Previously, motorists would procure tinted windows to safeguard the freshness of their cars interior or to adorn their car. However, after extensive research and media coverage, it is safe to assume that concern about carcinogenic (cancer causing) rays of radiation is ubiquitous amongst circumspect motorists. Nonetheless, amongst these same motorists, concern and lack of knowledge are in equal measure. It is universally understood by scientific and medical experts that Solar UV radiation is the most distinct cause of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. Generally, there are three kinds of UV light: UVA, UVB and UVC. These rays can reach a person…


Window Tinting Huddersfield

Go Tints, leaders in window tinting Huddersfield, have had various requests for privacy glass installation and security film application for commercial properties. JI Electronics, a Halifax based business had their property’s windows fitted with privacy glass. The privacy glass does as the noun says, its functions as a barrier to any onlookers and serves as a sunlight reflector. Privacy glass also serves as an alternative to blinds which can restrict light and block the prying eyes of thieves. However, anyone inside the building is able to see outside with a full view and also receive enough light to conduct their…


Range Rovers Windows Tinted by Go Tints in Huddersfield

Go Tints, window Tinting specialists in Huddersfield have had a busy week tinting the windows of a variety of Range Rovers. The Range Rover is most famous for its agile ability to withstand the weather no matter what the conditions are or the terrain you are travelling on. The recent snowfall was testament to the power of the dynamic SUV’s capability to manoeuvre cautiously and swiftly stop even in the midst of icy weather conditions. The window tints applied were crucial to retaining heat in the below freezing temperatures and now that there are hints of warmer weather the window…


Car Window Tinting Specialists in Huddersfield

During the past couple of weeks Go Tints, window tinting specialists in Huddersfield have had numerous car window tinting, car wrapping and car graphics projects, showcasing their diverse specialist skills. The car window tints/privacy glass have ensured our customers’ car interiors are protected during the long daylight hours and now that the sun is starting to appear it also protects our customers from harmful UV rays. It is a well known fact that even when the sun is not shining these UV rays can still reach human skin and cause damage. Some of our recent car and automotive window tinting…

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