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BMW 5 Series Windows Tinted

BMW 5 series estate tinted just in time for the summer sun!

Estates are often associated with those that carry out manual work and are highly recommended for carting around tools and apparatus. So the question arises why should you tint the windows of your estate? With the summer sun gracing us with its presence, it is undoubtedly going to let excess light and heat into you car especially with the estates rear windows being quite large. Window tinting the windows of your estate will protect your tools, apparatus, luggage and anything else you may want to put in car from the prying eyes of thieves and will also protect your interior from fading.

This BMW 5 series was tinted by Go Tints, window tinting Huddersfield. The tints matched the interior superbly and were befitting of the electric windows.The 5 series estate is famous for its self levelling suspension to handle heavy cargo. Hence tinting the windows is perfect for carting your valuable goods around.



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