Car Wrapping

Car Wrapping

GoTints has a wide range of experience in car wrapping. Car wrapping not only enhances the look of your car but can also give your car a completely different style. Car wrapping is an unprecendented method of covering scratches and scrapes or just simply changing the colour or style of your car. Go Tints, car window tinting specialists in Huddersfield have a wide range of effects that they can wrap your car in such as gloss, matte black, chrome or even a customised look to suit your needs. Go Tints, Huddersfield, use a specialised vinyl film which when applied protects your car from scrapes, scratches and abrasions.

Here are a few examples of cars wrapped by Go Tints.

Car Wrap
This Jaguar was wrapped in the Union Jack by Go Tints in Huddersfield during the London Olympics 2012, for the Jaguar showroom in Huddersfield.

Recently Wrapped Cars

This Range Rover was wrapped in matte black for the Land Rover showroom in Huddersfield.

This Audi Q7 was wrapped for Richardsons Sports And Prestige in pearl white and carbon fibre.


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