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How Tinting can save on Home Energy Costs

Home window tinting reduces both glare and heat, reducing your energy costs. It doesn’t have to be a dark tint to do that – it can be clear – so you don’t even know it’s there. Applied to the insides of your windows, home window tinting can reduce heat gain by keeping the sun and its harmful rays from getting into your house. You’ll also have less fading on your drapes, furniture and carpet because those harmful UV rays are reduced. Certain types of window film can even help burglary-proof your home. These types are designed to make glass shatter-resistant by holding the glass pieces together when broken.

Most homeowners spend about 60 percent of their total energy bill on heating and cooling, so reducing those costs even by a little can mean a lot overall. Energy savings aren’t restricted to summer months. In the winter, tinted windows will help retain heat, keeping it from leaking out the window. Lining the inside of your window with tint can reduce your energy bills. It reduces energy because it keeps the sun from entering your home, which keeps the temperature cooler. You can reduce your energy gain in your home by 80 percent by applying window tint to your windows.

Even if you have your home window film professionally installed, it will last for years and pay for itself over time in energy savings. Home window tint helps to protect the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from the use of electricity-guzzling air conditioners. You will also save money and energy on lighting over other cooling solutions such as thermal curtains and low-e blinds. They can also reduce annoying glare and unwanted reflections within your home. There are also certain types of home window tinting film that are designed to hold shattered glass together, protecting you and your family during dangerous storm conditions. Reflective home window tinting film can protect your family’s privacy by preventing people outside from peering in.


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