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Matt Black Car Wrap Fast Becoming the Look of the Moment

Go tints are not only specialists in window tinting but also in car wrapping. We offer bespoke designs to suit your needs and are able to give your car a unique touch which will set it aside from all the others. This month we had the pleasure of wrapping a Mercedes ML in matt black. The matt black finish is becoming increasingly popular especially amongst customers who want to give their car that touch of sportiness and also create a stealth look. It also has many advantages which is why many customers are choosing to have their cars wrapped and…


Mercedes Safety Enhanced by Window Tinting Huddersfield Specialists, Go Tints

This Brand new 2013 Mercedes C Class C250 windows were tinted by Go Tints, window tinting Huddersfield. The new Mercedes had its windows tinted in order to enhance its modern and sleek aesthetic look whilst also enhancing the safety and security of the four cylinder, fuel efficient dynamic ride. Mercedes have long been synonymous with its various safety features. The new C Class boasts a blind spot assist system and an attention assist system which alerts the driver to signs of erratic driving or drowsiness. Therefore the privacy glass installed by Go Tints, window tinting Huddersfield enables the owner of…


Range Rover Evoque Overhaul by Go Tints

Go Tints, window tinting Huddersfield specialists are Range Rover approved and regularly receive projects directly from the showroom. This 2012 Range Rover Evoque with its unique metalllic green colour had its Rear lights and windows tinted. Its wheels were also powder coated enhancing the evoques sporty look. Powder coating wheels helps give alloys a tougher more durable finish than regular painting. Other advantages include the process of powder coating produces less hazardous waste than liquid painting and powder coated metal alloys can be recycled hence it is more environmentally friendly. Powder coating also protects your wheels against nick, bumps and…


BMW 5 Series Windows Tinted

BMW 5 series estate tinted just in time for the summer sun! Estates are often associated with those that carry out manual work and are highly recommended for carting around tools and apparatus. So the question arises why should you tint the windows of your estate? With the summer sun gracing us with its presence, it is undoubtedly going to let excess light and heat into you car especially with the estates rear windows being quite large. Window tinting the windows of your estate will protect your tools, apparatus, luggage and anything else you may want to put in car…


White Mercedes Tinted by Go Tints, Window Tinting Huddersfield

In recent years there has been a surge in the popularity of white cars especially Mercedes. The white gloss seems to enhance the trademark silver grills and Mercedes logo. Two recent white Mercedes cars had their vehicle windows tinted by Go Tints, window tinting Huddersfield specialists. /> This new Mercedes A Class was tinted to enhance the cars new image which has been reintroduced to target a more younger clientele. The previous high ride model which was aimed at your typical ‘soccer moms’ is now a lowered and longer vehicle, with more style than space. It’s new look rivals any…


Window Tinting Huddersfield – Protect Yourself, The Facts

Previously, motorists would procure tinted windows to safeguard the freshness of their cars interior or to adorn their car. However, after extensive research and media coverage, it is safe to assume that concern about carcinogenic (cancer causing) rays of radiation is ubiquitous amongst circumspect motorists. Nonetheless, amongst these same motorists, concern and lack of knowledge are in equal measure. It is universally understood by scientific and medical experts that Solar UV radiation is the most distinct cause of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. Generally, there are three kinds of UV light: UVA, UVB and UVC. These rays can reach a person…


Window Tinting Huddersfield – Do you feel your privacy has been eroded

Many feel our right to privacy has eroded and is being usurped. Consequently, many ideas have been implemented over the course of time to protect our confidentiality, privacy and right to enjoy our property. Having the windows tinted on your automobile is one such example. Tinting one’s windows illustrates this conspicuous benefit as one can enjoy the comforts of their automobile, whilst their confidentiality and privacy are maintained. Tinted windows allow one to traverse without worrying about the over-inquisitive glances of passing drivers or the prying glances of pedestrians. If it is privacy which you seek for yourself over the…

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