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Window Tinting for Land Rover Defender

This month Go Tints had the pleasure of tinting the windows of a brand new 13 plate Land Rover Defender. This unique style of 4×4 required tints in order to enhance its versatile specifications and enable it to travel on any terrain and in any weather condition. Boasting a light weight aluminium body and torque of 360Nm. With an environmentally friendly exterior the window tints have already added to this as Go Tints only use the best window films and privacy glass from Llumar and Suntek. The impressive safety and security features such as the perimetric alarm system and immobiliser…


Superb Window Tinting for Audi A3 Estate Allroad

Go Tints, have been inundated with requests for window tinting brand new cars with a 13 plate. This Audi A3 Estate Allroad often compared to a Q5 SUV without the drawbacks of a big bulky vehicle had its windows tinted in order to give it a sportier edge. The black gloss colour set against the silver bumpers and grills gives it a bulkier look than your average Audi A3 Estate whilst still maintaining the practicality of an estate. Go Tints pride themselves on their excellent craftsmanship and dedication to ensuring that every car or vehicle window they tint has a…


Window Tinting Huddersfield – Protect Yourself, The Facts

Previously, motorists would procure tinted windows to safeguard the freshness of their cars interior or to adorn their car. However, after extensive research and media coverage, it is safe to assume that concern about carcinogenic (cancer causing) rays of radiation is ubiquitous amongst circumspect motorists. Nonetheless, amongst these same motorists, concern and lack of knowledge are in equal measure. It is universally understood by scientific and medical experts that Solar UV radiation is the most distinct cause of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. Generally, there are three kinds of UV light: UVA, UVB and UVC. These rays can reach a person…


Range Rovers Windows Tinted by Go Tints in Huddersfield

Go Tints, window Tinting specialists in Huddersfield have had a busy week tinting the windows of a variety of Range Rovers. The Range Rover is most famous for its agile ability to withstand the weather no matter what the conditions are or the terrain you are travelling on. The recent snowfall was testament to the power of the dynamic SUV’s capability to manoeuvre cautiously and swiftly stop even in the midst of icy weather conditions. The window tints applied were crucial to retaining heat in the below freezing temperatures and now that there are hints of warmer weather the window…


Car Window Tinting Specialists in Huddersfield

During the past couple of weeks Go Tints, window tinting specialists in Huddersfield have had numerous car window tinting, car wrapping and car graphics projects, showcasing their diverse specialist skills. The car window tints/privacy glass have ensured our customers’ car interiors are protected during the long daylight hours and now that the sun is starting to appear it also protects our customers from harmful UV rays. It is a well known fact that even when the sun is not shining these UV rays can still reach human skin and cause damage. Some of our recent car and automotive window tinting…


Window Tinting Huddersfield – Do you feel your privacy has been eroded

Many feel our right to privacy has eroded and is being usurped. Consequently, many ideas have been implemented over the course of time to protect our confidentiality, privacy and right to enjoy our property. Having the windows tinted on your automobile is one such example. Tinting one’s windows illustrates this conspicuous benefit as one can enjoy the comforts of their automobile, whilst their confidentiality and privacy are maintained. Tinted windows allow one to traverse without worrying about the over-inquisitive glances of passing drivers or the prying glances of pedestrians. If it is privacy which you seek for yourself over the…

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