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Window Tinting Huddersfield – Behind The Scenes

Ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes at a window tinting workshop? Go Tints,window tinting Huddersfield, specialists offer you a sneak peak. The process involves the customer first and foremost deciding on the percentage of window tint darkness they would like on their car, this is a personal preference so the decision is entirely a personal one. The car is then prepared by ensuring the window is completely clean and free of dirt.

The Mercedes CLS 2013 pictured below was stripped and cleaned ready for the window tint to be applied. The window tint is then cut to size using specialised technology and at Go Tints we ensure only specialists do this as it is quite difficult for someone with little experience due to the curve in the car windows. After the window tint is applied and fitted it must be de-bubbled quite fast, again this requires experience and excellent craftsmanship.

Now that you have gained some behind the scenes knowledge why not book your car in for some window tinting. Go Tints, window tinting Huddersfield, offer competitive prices and cover most areas in Yorkshire.




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