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Go Tints, leaders in window tinting Huddersfield, have had various requests for privacy glass installation and security film application for commercial properties. JI Electronics, a Halifax based business had their property’s windows fitted with privacy glass. The privacy glass does as the noun says, its functions as a barrier to any onlookers and serves as a sunlight reflector. Privacy glass also serves as an alternative to blinds which can restrict light and block the prying eyes of thieves. However, anyone inside the building is able to see outside with a full view and also receive enough light to conduct their daily duties. Privacy glass installation is a popular choice for hotels and state of the art buildings as it serves as a barrier to the harmful UV rays and can be cost efficient. It is particularly popular in warm countries where the climate is hot all year round as it protects the interior from fading. One of the most famous buildings which has privacy glass installed is the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. The glass gives the windows a tinted effect allowing the hotel guests to enjoy the breathtaking views whilst restricting the glare of the Dubai sun.

Go Tints window tinting specialists in Huddersfield offer a bespoke service for car window tinting, commercial and residential privacy glass installation. Contact Go Tints for a quick quote.


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