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At Go Tints, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in range of car detailing services, with a special focus on professional car window tinting. If you’re searching for a service which provides window tinting, Wakefield vehicle owners can benefit from our services, aimed at enhancing the appearance of luxury vehicles and making them stand out from the crowd. Here are some key advantages of choosing our window tinting solutions:


  • Our well equipped workshop, situated just outside Huddersfield, is conveniently located for Wakefield residents, thanks to our location near the A644.
  • We provide the option of a courtesy car or a pick-up and return service, available upon request.
  • Our team, known for their vast experience and expertise, offers a broad spectrum of vehicle detailing services.
  • We back our window tinting services with a lifetime guarantee.


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Car window tinting in Wakefield

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The Advantages of Window Tinting for Your Car

The installation of car privacy glass comes with numerous benefits, but optimal results are achieved when it’s installed by experts like our team at Go Tints. Privacy window film not only enhances security and privacy but also shields you and your passengers from the damaging effects of the sun. It also improves the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, providing a perfect way to boost its unique look while ensuring it remains in pristine condition. At Go Tints, we use only premium quality window tinting materials that offer a colour-stable film, resistant to fading and available in various shades.

Window Privacy Film Solutions for Cars and Van

For those who use their vans for transporting valuable items or costly equipment, installing privacy film is an effective measure for added security. Privacy glass conceals your van’s interior from outside view, helping to protect your belongings and offering peace of mind.
Our window tinting services for vans and cars in Wakefield allow you to select from a variety of tint shades, enabling you not just to secure your valuables but also to give your van a fresh, stylish appearance.

Headlight Tinting Services

Our tinting services for headlights, tail-lights, and fog-lights are completely legal and comply with MOT standards. Providing another way to customise your car or van, we use SPi vision film, a robust tinting mesh that adheres to any external lights of your vehicle, creating a striking, dark smoke effect.

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