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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels in Huddersfield

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels Huddersfield produces a superior, shiny finish that is guaranteed to make any car stand out from the crowd. Most car manufacturers are now fitting diamond cut wheels as standard.

If you’re unsure what a diamond cut alloy wheel looks like – it is similar to the surface of a CD. Very fine lines running around the circumference of the wheel. There is also a contrast between the finish on the face of the wheel and the spokes which are normally painted.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Huddersfield Refurbishment Centre

When we refurbish a diamond cut alloy wheel, we first strip it, blast it and paint the entire wheel before cutting back the diamond cut surface with the CNC Diamond Cut Machine.

Not everyone is able to do diamond cutting well, even if they have the right equipment, but Go Tints has both the equipment and, crucially, the expertise to provide a quality diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment.
Go Tints are the leading diamond cutting alloy wheels specialists and alloy wheel refurb in Huddersfield and Surrounding areas.

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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels in Huddersfield

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Take a look our alloy wheel gallery. Many of our clients are dealerships, such as: Mercedes, Audi, VW, Ford, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Toyota and many more. So, you can be sure your vehicle is in the right hands.

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