Full car PPF installation and privacy glass for 350 Lamborghini Ultimae 2022

What a car! There’s no other way to describe this absolutely incredible vehicle! It was a privilege to be able to work on this 350 Lamborghini Ultimae 2022 and we had the pleasure of kitting it out with full Lamborghini PPF installation and privacy glass. We sure you’ll agree that the end result is just stunning.

PPF is the perfect way to safeguard your vehicle against the minor damage which can really spoil its appearance. Road debris, small stones and tree branches all cause minor damage, however the self-healing film we install provides a robust and completely invisible barrier.

Car privacy glass is a type of tinted window film that is applied to the windows of a vehicle. It is typically made from a darkcolored, reflective material such as aluminum, copper, or carbon. Privacy glass is becoming increasingly popular as a way to protect the occupants of a vehicle from the outside world. It can also help to keep the interior of a car cool and reduce the amount of UV rays that enter the vehicle. There are a number of benefits to using privacy glass on your car windows.

Here are just a few:

Increased privacy This is the most obvious benefit of using privacy glass. It helps to keep prying eyes from looking into your vehicle, which can be a great way to deter thieves.

UV protection Privacy glass can help to block out harmful UV rays. This is important for protecting your skin from the suns harmful rays, as well as for protecting the interior of your car from fading.

Temperature control Privacy glass can also help to keep the interior of your car cool. This is especially beneficial in hot weather. 4. Glare reduction The reflective nature of privacy glass can help to reduce the amount of glare from the sun. This can make driving more comfortable and safer.

Style Privacy glass can give your car a unique and stylish look. If you are looking for a way to increase the privacy, style, and protection of your car, then privacy glass is a great option.




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