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Specialist paint protection film for Tesla

At Go-Tints we are experts in installing paint protection film (PPF) for Tesla and other luxury vehicles. We work with clients from throughout the North of England, many of whom return to us time and time again for the high quality of services we offer. To make paint protection film installation as hassle free as possible, we offer a convenient delivery and collection service, with a courtesy car available if required. 

Paint protection film is the most effective way to protect your paint from the unsightly damage caused by salt, sand and small road debris. When installed over vulnerable areas of your vehicle’s painted surfaces such as the bonnet and rear bumper, PPF will protect your Tesla from scratches and chips. Not only does this protect your Tesla’s appearance, it also helps to maintain that all-important brand new appearance. 

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Car paint protection film for Tesla

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What are the benefits of paint protection film?

The most important benefit of paint protection film for Tesla is its ability to protect against snow, salt, sand and small debris. Tesla paint protection film consists of an invisible, self-healing layer, which is designed to cover vulnerable areas. Although stone chips and small road debris are unlikely to cause major damage, when they hit your car at high impact, they can easily cause unsightly scratches and paint damage. 


Installing paint protection film not only offers a highly effective way to maintain your vehicle’s good looks, it also reduces the need for expensive re-sprays while ensuring your car retains its value. 


At Go-Tints we use Llumar Platinum Self-Healing Film which is available in either a gloss or matt finish. This is a market-leading product which we know from experience offers superb protection for a cost-effective price. 


To ensure maximum protection is provided, protective coatings must be applied by specialists such as the team here at Go-Tints. We have many years of experience in working with a wide range of luxury vehicles including Tesla and have close contacts with a number of main dealerships. 


If you’re looking for a way to protect your Tesla vehicle from the damage which is easily caused by road debris, please get in touch with our team to obtain a free quote.