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Wetherby paint protection film (PPF) installations for luxury vehicles

We have many years of experience in providing car protection film in Wetherby for BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar and many other luxury vehicles.

Paint protection film is the best method of new car protection and will safeguard your vehicle against the everyday damage caused by stone chips, keys and more.

We’re incredibly proud of our reputation for exceptional customer service and to ensure installation is as easy as possible, we’re able to provide a convenient collection and delivery service if required.

We use Llumar Platinum Self Healing film which is a market-leading product designed to offer robust, self-healing protection.

Available in either a gloss or matte finish, PPF provides unbeatable scratch protection.

Llumar Platinum Self Healing Film is ideal for use as new car protection film as it will protect your vehicle from minor damage and reduce the need for costly re-sprays.


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Wetherby paint protection film

Whether you want a quote or are looking for further information about car Wetherby paint protection film, getting in touch with our team is easy! 

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Wetherby scratch protection film services

In addition to our Wetherby scratch protection film services we also provide a range of car detailing services aimed at luxury car owners, including window tinting, vehicle wrapping and diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment.

We have a strong customer base throughout the North of England and offer paint protection film in Harrogate and throughout North Yorkshire. 

If you’d like to find out how we can provide your vehicle with the stone protection it deserves, get in touch with us to obtain a quote.

Headlights, tail-lights and fog-lights Tinting

At Window Tinting Huddersfield we offer a unique completely legal and M.O.T compliant tinting film for headlights, tail-lights and fog-lights. We offer SPi vision film which is a tinting mesh with high durability that will stick to any light to produce a high quality dark smoke effect.

With car window tinting you can choose the shade that suits you the best

5% Window tinting film (Limo Black) – This is most commonly the choice for vehicle owners who may want to keep their valuable items or tools out of sight. Therefore this level of tint makes it very difficult to see into the vehicle to keep valuables hidden.

20% (Dark smoke) – 35% (Medium smoke) Window tinting film – This is aimed at customers who are looking for a factory equivalent level of tint. At this level of tint it is still possible to see through the car from one side to the other however it still does a good job of obscuring objects on the seats and the floor.

50% (Light smoke) – 70% (UV ray rejection) Window tinting film – This level of tint film is designed for owners who only want to adjust the shade of their windows very slightly but still want the benefits of our UV ray rejection.