What are the the benefits of paint protection film?

Car paint protection film is quick to install and is designed to provide a protective layer between your vehicle’s paintwork and small, sharp items which can easily cause minor damage and scratches. Here at Go Tints we are professional paint protection film installers, with many years of expertise in installing PPF on a wide range of vehicle models. Paint protection film is becoming increasingly popular with discerning vehicle owners and is widely recognised as a cost-effective way to retain that all-important showroom shine. Here are a few examples of the benefits of paint protection film.

What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film, often referred to by the abbreviation PPF,  is an invisible protective coating which is applied to the paintwork of a car. PPF can be applied to the entire bodywork, or to any particular areas most prone to damage, such as the bonnet, tailgate and the backs of wing mirrors. Although paint protection film is relatively simple to install, it must be applied by an experienced professional to ensure a flawless finish and maximum protection.

We use Llumar Platinum Self Healing Film which is designed to work exactly as described and will provide hard-wearing, self-healing protection from minor paint damage. This superb quality film is a market-leading product and is available in either a high gloss or matte finish, making it the perfect option for all types of vehicles.

Protect your vehicle from minor damage

We’re often asked does paint protection film work and the simple answer to this is yes! If you compare a year old vehicle which hasn’t been protected against one that has, the difference is clear. Paint protection film is invisible yet incredibly robust and is designed to provide a strong, protective barrier between a vehicle’s paint surface and the small items which can cause so much unsightly damage, such as stone and rock chips, gravel, tree branches and road debris.

Keep that showroom shine

Another benefit of installing paint protection film is the ability it has to ensure vehicles stay brand new looking for as long as possible. Scuffs, scratches and general wear and tear can make vehicles look much older than they are. However, the healing properties of paint protection film safeguard against unavoidable damage caused by stone chips and road debris, ensuring your vehicle stays as good as the day you picked it up from the showroom.

Low maintenance shine

Protecting the paintwork of your vehicle with PPF is also a great way to reduce trips to the car wash! Not only does paint protection film protect the paint, it also helps safeguard against the damage which can be caused by dirt, grime, road salt and bird droppings, making cleaning easier and less necessary.

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